Gives you a long-lasting make-up look.

Everything Brow Design PLUS Henna Tint.

What is brow henna? Brow henna colours the hairs and stains the skin under the brows and colours the brow hairs. Grey, white and tint-resistant hair are easily coloured. Brow henna is a natural permanent dye that fades as the skin regenerates. Newly exfoliated skin does not absorb henna as well as unexfoliated skin.

What colours are available? There is an unlimited colour range. Bespoke looks are created for each client.

How long does the henna take to work? The henna is generally applied for 5-30minutes. But it reaches its full potential 12-48 hours after application. no rinsing or washing for 12-24 hours.

How long the henna lasts on hairs: The keratin in hairs absorbs the henna and it lasts for 3-4 weeks.

How long the skin stain lasts: 2-7 days, but if you swim lots, have hot baths/showers, use a sauna, the skin stain lasts shorter.

A Note on Allergies: If you are allergic to hair dye, you are also allergic to brow henna. (Due to Paraphenylenediamine PPD derivatives). There is no peroxide in the Fox® brow henna brand that we use). Dr Vicky can always do a spot test behind your ear if you are not sure.

What do I need to do before my brow session? Please remove your contact lenses and avoid wearing makeup. Complete the Consent Form below and bring it with you. If you forget, not a worry, come in 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to complete your form.

Brow Design & Henna Aftercare
● You may experience redness around the waxed area for 24 hours
● You may experience a little tenderness on the waxed area for 24 hours
● You may experience small red bumps on the waxed area for 24 hours
● Keep skin dry for at least the first 12 hours (preferably 24 hours) after henna application as wiping or rinsing with water to the area will stop the henna developing.
● After application, cleanse around your brows (avoid your brows) so the skin stain will last longer.
● No hot baths, steam or water on the area for 24 hours
● Do not apply makeup to the skin for 24 hours as this increases the risk of breaking out.
● Apply a small amount of oil over the brow to protect the skin stain and condition the hair.
● Do not apply sunscreen for 24 hours.
● Do not touch area with unwashed hands when removing your make-up after the design
shaping & henna.
● After 24h, moisturise daily to keep the skin soft which helps the new hairs break through and avoids any in-grown hairs.
● You may notice regrowth after a week or so. It can take up to 3-4 consistent wax treatments to get your hair on the same growth cycle which will give you the best long- term results.
● Do not to tweeze between wax treatments, this will throw off the growth cycle of the hairs and take it longer to get them in sync