Lockdown Pamper Mask Set


Lockdown Pamper Mask Set has everything that you need to regain control of your skin. All your skincare mask needs are in this set. This is the ideal combined mask set that arms you with the power to cleanse and renew your skin.

Apply a ready-to-wear face sheet mask while getting ready for a night out to brighten or hydrate your skin, or simply boost your skin with your mud mask. If you get some blemishes, pop on the mud mask overnight and it will work its magic while you sleep.

You’ll be ready to face the world with skin that all will envy.

This set includes:

1x Meteor Harmonising Gel Mask

1x Australian Native Clay Mask + FREE Silicone Brush

1x Cosmic Dust Mud Mask

1x Celestial Fruit Mask

1x Protostar Wrinkle Release Mask

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