Zoom Session Ready Set

$227.00 $139.00

Zoom Session Ready Set is an amazing combination of Australian Skin Care products that revitalise and repair your skin while you work. The 2% Galactic Cleanser promotes cell regeneration, lightens dark spots, hydrates and improves fine lines & wrinkles, while the Peptide Firming Créma is bursting with minerals and vitamins and contains a NEW and POWERFUL anti-ageing peptide that reduces the signs of ageing and promotes collagen production for the skin’s renewal.

For optimal results, use products twice daily. Always double cleanse!

Suitable for anyone who wants to look and feel their best.

The set includes:

1x 2% Galactic Cleanser

1x Aurora Skin Créma

1x Peptide Firming Créma

1x Double Star Serum

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