Hi. Welcome to the home of natural and nourishing vegan skin + care.

I’m Dr. Vicky Prokopiou BDent BPharm (Syd), the Founder and Creator of Aliki Skin + Care

I’m a qualified pharmacist and dentist, a mum of three, entrepreneur and a lover of keeping skin care, clean and simple. I have worked in retail all my life and have owned and currently run several businesses, including Above It and iDental Surgery. I have a strong focus on skin + care and treatments in my dental practice. I am all about nurturing the face, body and mind.

Working full time and being a mum doesn’t leave much time for self-care. I get the challenges of being a parent and finding a moment to breathe! This is why I have made it easy for you to include our products in your skin + care routine.  Always remember to take time out of your busy day, for you. To unwind and reset, I regularly practise Yoga and Pilates.

I’ve been obsessed with formulating and making skin care for over 20 years. I began making skin + care for family and friends. Then I moved to the bush and formulated more skin + care products than ever. I sourced local Australian ingredients from local suppliers. You can say it all started in rural Australia.

Day-to-day I am teaching and educating my clients, friends, and family about the power of natural ingredients and living a healthy lifestyle. When I’m not chair-side, I’m working on perfecting easy-to-use skin + care for you. Morning and evening routines are made easy with our Aliki Skin + Care range.

I have always been artistic and creative and cannot sit still. I’m constantly thinking about something fresh and new to create. On weekends, I can often be found formulating and making skin + care products with the latest natural Australian ingredients. I also enjoy designing my product labels and choosing the right packaging and feel to give you the experience of simple luxury.

All our products are ethically sourced, handmade, natural, vegan, and are made using as many organic ingredients possible. They are SLS-free, paraben-free, preservative-free and cruelty-free. 

Care for your skin and it will love you back. Your friends and family will notice your glowing skin. See how you too can incorporate our products into your skin + care routine.

You can find out more about your skin type,  the power of natural ingredients sourced from Australia, superstar ingredients and what they can do for you. Browse through our range by visiting our online shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you for trusting us to give you healthy skin. I look forward to seeing you online and in person.

Our products are available online & in-store at iDental Surgery, 541 King Street, Newtown.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Aliki Skin + Care.