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You may be wondering why you have to answer so many questions at or prior to your first skin & care visit. It is important that our team have as much detail as possible so that they can identify your skincare needs and give you the best treatment options for your skin concerns and/or skin condition. 

Only the best technology is used to analyse and treat your skin concerns. We believe in informed decision-making and want you to completely understand your condition and embrace your treatment plan. Come in and see what the 3 spectrums of light show about your skin.

Treatments are evidence-based. And will sometimes require you to see your dietician, dermatologist, general practitioner or naturopath as there may be additional more complex medical treatment required for your condition.

Skin & Care Analysis

Dr. Vicky Prokopiou, Principal Dentist and her team believe that a thorough skin analysis is the best way to formulate the most uniquely tailored treatment plan for you.

At your Face Consultation visit, photographs will be taken using our Clairderm skin analyser. You will be able to see your skin! It is important for us to get to know your skin.

Our Clairderm Skin Analysis system uses a high quality 1500W camera and lens to scan the skin. It takes photos of your face using 3 spectrums to give a detailed analysis of both the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin.

Red, Green & Blue

This combination of lights includes RED, GREEN and BLUE wavelengths of natural light.

Highlighted skin areas show where your pores are enlarged and infected and have the potential to become blocked.

Gives a detailed analysis of wrinkles, their depth and location as well as veins on your skin’s surface.

Helps to analyse and diagnose epidermal skin conditions such as pore congestion, wrinkle formation, fine line distribution, loss of collagen and acne.

Polarised Light

Polarised light optimises image clarity and analyses and diagnoses possible epidermal skin conditions.

Shows rough, concave‐convex unsmooth areas on the skin’s surface e.g. welts, dents, scars. Also, areas that are not clean that are contaminated with dust particles. Small wrinkles caused when the skin is too dry.

PL Texture: Grey means skin is healthy, yellow shows medium and red shows serious

PL Red Area: shows degree of inflammation and areas of sensitivity.

PL Brown Area shows the metabolic condition of the dermis, its cellular activity, and its ability to repair.

Ultra Violet Light

Skin Fluorescence Technology exposes the skin cells to 365nm UV light. The cells emit this light as colours and patterns showing your skin’s condition. 

UV Pigmentation: shows the amount and areas of skin pigmentation, spots and cosmetic hangover or residue left in the dermis caused by the excessive use of cosmetics.

UV Moisture: indicates the skin’s moisture content and the status of the skin’s hydration. Neutral means skin moisture is good. Oily and dry skin both lack water. The larger the blue area, the higher the percentage and greater the skin’s moisture content.

UV Porphyrin: shows Phorphyrin in acne and comedones, the number and location of blackheads, closed pores and acne as well as the location of the skin’s grease secretions and oily areas.

UV Damage: shows sunspots and the areas where the skin is damaged.

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