All About Skin Types

There are FIVE common skin types.

All our natural origin products have been designed with all skin types in mind and can be safely used by all skin types.

Normal Skin

Is well-balanced. It has minimal wrinkles, is plump and has an even skin tone with little to no blemishes.

Requires products that help to maintain optimal skin health and protect it against external environmental factors such as pollution, the sun, and occupational irritants.

Combination Skin

Presents more than one different skin type on different areas on the face. Individuals often experience greater skin challenges in their t-zone than they do on their cheeks and around their eyes.

Individuals require products that balance oil production and bring it into harmony.

Sensitive Skin

Often, those with sensitive skin experience irritation, inflammation and redness. Their skin may be more sensitive to products and environmental conditions than those with other types of skin.

Natural origin skincare products are ideal for these individuals as they are gentle, calming and protective.

Dry Skin

Those with dry skin produce less oil (or sebum) than normal skin making it appear tight, rough and flaky and feel itchy and irritated. People with dry skin may be more likely to experience wrinkles.

The challenge these individuals have is to achieve retaining moisture and very often, the deeper layers of the skin are moisture depleted. Their skin is also vulnerable to external environmental elements because it cannot build an effective shield to protect it.

The best products are deeply nourishing, restoring moisturising, preventing water loss and rejuvenating and protecting the skin.

Oily Skin

People with oily skin overproduce oil (or sebum). They experience grease and shine on their face, have large pores, visible blackheads and whiteheads and are prone to hard-to-treat breakouts. Acne on oily skin often looks red, shiny, blemished and inflamed.

Individuals with oily skin require products that balance oil production and prevent breakouts.